Has your spiritual life plateaued, is it in a state of decline or do you just want to be more like Jesus?  Most of us want to change, however our long list of best intentions and failed attempts have left us discouraged and disheartened. This is not surprising considering the distracting and hurried world in which we live coupled with the current neglect of practices and rhythms that have been so fundamental to the spiritual formation of Christians for nearly two millennia.

It is the everyday practices and rhythms of life that determine who we are. We understand this simple concept in relation to the physical. If someone had the goal of running a marathon, it would require training and the implementation of specific rhythms and disciplines. It would be foolish to think that inspiration, will and knowledge alone, would be enough to complete the task. Failure would almost be guaranteed.

We can be inspired to be more like Jesus, muster up all our will, fill our heads with knowledge and never actually change. But change is possible, just like running a marathon is possible. Together, we will contend for transformation in each other’s lives by implementing practices and rhythms that will allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives.

As followers of Jesus we are called to: 

1. Be with Jesus

2. Become like Him and 

3. Do the things He did

These three principles or aspirations represent a way of life that will align our lives with Jesus and the ways of His kingdom. As our time, energy, thoughts and resources get drawn into the monotony of everyday life, the surrounding culture begins to shape and mold us and we progressively fall out of alignment.

Align is a tool designed to equip groups of three or four people who will meet up regularly to contend for each other’s faith and to establish practices and rhythms of grace that will allow room for the Spirit to bring genuine transformation into each other’s lives.

The key ingredients in a group are a willingness to be honest and vulnerable with each other and to pray for one another, along with a shared desire to follow the way of Jesus.

Asking someone to be in a group with you can be intimidating. Be bold in stepping out and asking, and be persistent. It can take time to find people who have similar weekly schedules.

If you are interested in starting an Align group, have a group organised to start soon, or one that is already running, please register below.

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