Powerhouse offers age appropriate, child oriented programs to introduce our children to Jesus and ground them with a firm Bible foundation. We aim to present an exciting, relevant program, discipling our children and encouraging them towards an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus and understanding of God’s word.

All ages can sign on in the Foyer before Church service.

 Live Wires             0—3½                          Crèche

Live Wires is our crèche program and runs during the services on Sunday mornings. The children meet in the under 5’s facility where they play with quality toys and eat a small morning tea.

 Bright Sparks         3½– Prep                  Crèche

Bright Sparks is our preschool program for children 3 ½ years and older who are not yet in school. The Bright Sparks are in church for the first 20 minutes of the service and then move to the under 5’s facility where they sing, play, learn from the bible and complete a craft or activity.

 Transformers        Prep – Grade 6         Hall

Our Transformers remain in church for the first 20 minutes of the service and then move to the hall. They share a worship time together with singing, prayer and other varied activities before transitioning into their different classes (depending on their age). In their classes there is time to share, they learn from the bible, and do other activities including memory verses, craft and games.

 Generators            Grade 7-10                  Hub

Generators are our oldest group in Powerhouse and are moving towards serving God and others. They remain in the service for the first 20 minutes and then move to the Hub where they share together, pray and learn from God’s word. They are also involved in leading the worship for the Transformers group on a monthly basis, training for future service and leadership.