MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)

MOPS gets mums.  We understand the unique needs, challenges and joys in this vital season of early mothering.  At Mothers of Preschoolers every mum is welcomed, accepted and challenged to reach her potential and recognize her influence with her family and her world.  Our Mothers of Preschoolers at Wynnum Baptist Church is here for you to build friendships, be encouraged, have a moment of sanity away from your children and gain practical information that will help you be the best Mum you can be while you children are lovingly cared for in our MOPPETS program.

What is MOPS WYNNUM (Mothers of Preschoolers)?

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Wynnum provides a caring accepting atmosphere in which mums have the opportunity to develop friendships, share concerns, explore areas of creativity and benefit from teaching on a wide range of matters relevant to mothering.

MOPS consists of Mums of young children aged 0-6 years from a variety of walks of life.  It includes both church Mums and our community Mums (you do not need to come to a church to attend MOPS).

It is a time of connecting with Mums, a chance to develop friendships, to learn, talk and discuss various parenting topics.  It is a place to feel loved and cared for and valued as a Mother.

What Does a Typical MOPS Morning Look Like?

Our MOPS program is quite varied.  Some weeks we cover topics relevant to mothers and we often host specialist speakers from the community such as various therapists and medical professionals, child psychologists, doctors and other experts.  Some weeks we will do quality crafts.  There is always plenty of time to chat, drink coffee and enjoy the company of other Mums.

What is MOPS Kids?

MOPS Kids is where your children are cared for by our Carers, who are Blue Card holders, while you enjoy MOPS. In MOPS Kids the children are lovingly cared for in a safe, nurturing environment where they can interact with other children, play or take part in craft activities and enjoy morning tea and lunch.

Children require a labelled bag with a spare pair of clothes and nappies if required, a piece of fruit to share for morning tea and their own lunch snack/sandwich (Nut Free) and a drink – both labelled. MOPS Kids is suitable for children usually over 12 months old. Mothers keep their babies and young toddlers with them in the MOPS room until they are ready to transition into the MOPS Kids program.

Do I need to go to a church to enjoy MOPS?

MOPS is for all Mothers of Preschoolers, not just those that attend church, but for all mums in our community.  We are an open, welcoming and diverse group. Our topics are usually related to mothering or personal growth and although the occasionally elements of our faith may be touched on it is not the main content of the talks or discussion.

The Details:

Where:  Wynnum Baptist Church – 287 Kianawah Rd, Wynnum West

When:  Thursdays at 9:30 – 12:00 (except school holidays)

Cost:  $60 per term; $110 per semester or a $8 a week casual rate per family (includes child-care and MOPS activities).

A $10 registration fee is also due within your first 4 weeks.

For more information contact us by emailing us via the contact form or phoning 0432 241 640 (Jillian)

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